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      Product Center/product center

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      Our advantage/Power advantage

      Old brand new vitality
      • 01

        QUALITY is the essence of survivalNAVI pursue high quality for brand marketing.

        NAVI has been engaged in plastic packaging for nearly ten years, integrating technology research and development, production, sales and service, considerable reputation in the industry.Strict quality control system, passed ISO9001 (2015 edition) certification;
        10 years of industry experience 5 designers 10 testing equipment;
        QUALITY is the essence of survival
      • 02

        STRENGTH is trust and guarantee/STRENGTHStrengthen rapid production and on-time delivery

        15,000 square meters of modern plant, more than 300 skilled technicians, daily capacity up to 1.5 million bottles;
        Yingcheng injection molding machine from Taiwai,Le Xin dispensing machine from USA Aveside ultrasound machine from and other advanced equipment are introduced to our factory;
        We have injection molding, bottle blowing, UV electroplating, spraying, printing, assembly and other dust-free workshops to ensure product cleanliness;
        STRENGTH is trust and guarantee/STRENGTH
      • 03

        Service is cooperation guarantee/serviceWe provide customers with perfect solutions.

        Free distribution for customers in Pearl River Delta;
        2 UV plating lines, 2 external spraying lines, 2 internal spraying lines, to ensure the production delivery;
        Fast proofing, guaranteed production, good quality;
        Service is cooperation guarantee/service
    1. About/ about us

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      Zhongshan NAVI Packaging Technology Co., LTD. is a large enterprises of devoting to professional design  and manufacturing daily cosmetic packaging products, such as hair care, skin care and personal care. Our company has clean and tidy Dust-free workshop, advanced sophisticated imported equipment and professional staffs to provide you with superior service.

      Customer satisfy is the eternal pursue of NAVI .

      High quality creates business

      progress if from improvement.
      8000Ten thousand yuanEnterprise annual production capacity
      10000Square meterEnterprise plant area
      300OthersCore technical staff

      Partner / partner

      桐庐县果仁有限公司 榆林市竹木有限公司 德清县动物有限公司 仙居县干果有限公司 长岛县牲畜有限公司 达州市可可有限公司
      龙泉市家禽有限公司 武义县麻类有限公司 庆云县仪器有限公司 沂源县水果有限公司 峨眉山市花木有限公司 岱山县艺术有限公司
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